Robert Adler, DDS

General Dentist & Cosmetic Dentist located in Brooklyn, New York, NY

About Dr. Adler

Robert Adler, DDS, is a skilled general dentist leading the team at Adler Dental Group located in the Boro Park neighborhood of Brooklyn, New York City. Dr. Adler is at the pinnacle of a very distinguished career that has spanned over thirty years. 

As a leader in the field, Dr. Adler is constantly being consulted by other dentists to help manage, diagnose, and treat complicated cases. Law firms and insurance companies also regularly seek out his expert opinion. Dr. Adler has also authored five books and numerous articles.

He holds a patent on a new injection technique that will revolutionize the way dental anesthetics are administered; it makes people numb without the numb feeling. This new technique is much safer and less painful for the patient and avoids making the lower lip and tongue feel puffy.

Dr. Adler has a degree in psychology which aids him in understanding the unique needs of his patients. At Adler Dental Group, Dr. Adler's mission is to provide high-quality dental services in an environment where his patients feel like family.