Root canal therapy? No problem!

Root canal treatment is designed to relieve severe dental pain, where there is infection in the nerve of the tooth. The nerve is carefully and painlessly removed from the tooth. The infected tooth is then cleaned, disinfected, and shaped, so that a special sealer can then fill up the canal space.

As general family dentists, we have successfully performed thousands of root canal treatments over the years.

With all the great advances in modern dentistry, root canal therapy is no longer a foreboding, painful experience. It is almost as easy as performing a filling. Our goal at Adler Dental is to make the root canal experience as pleasant as possible during the actual treatment, and we especially strive to keep our patient comfortable in between visits.

We perform root canal therapy, where necessary, for children, adolescents, and adults.

Robert Adler DDS Dentist and Owner - Adler Dental

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