Gum Disease Treatment

Scale and root plane is essentially a deep gum cleaning, below the gum line. Underneath the gum line, there is found a sticky film of bacteria. This is called dental plaque.

As long as a person eats and breathes, this plaque develops on the surface of the teeth. The plaque is formed from the sugars of your food, which combine with bacteria present in your mouth. The plaque can get hard along the tooth surface and will result in a hard layer of tartar (aka calculus) on your teeth.

Once the plaque develops on the tooth surface, it works its way below your gum line. It must be cleaned well by the dentist and the hygenist. If it is not cleaned well, the bacteria is the plaque will cause the gums to become red, puffy, inflamed and may evenbleed upon being touched. This will result in gum loss, a "smelly" mouth and eventually, loosened teeth. We have special dental equipmentthat will gently and efficiently clean under your gums.

At Adler Dental, we constantly monitor the health of your gums, and recommend various types of cleanings periodically. We want to protect your smile so that you get to keep your teeth for life.

Robert Adler DDS Dentist and Owner - Adler Dental

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